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Pathfinder lodges, also known as outposts, are the accommodations build by the Pathfinder Society to house its members, their research, and artifacts found during their explorations.

The basic purpose of the lodge is to provide support for Pathfinder Society members: a place to sleep, a library for research, meeting rooms to converse and plan, and mechanisms to communicate with other lodges.[1]

Lodge requirements[]

There is no such thing as a canonical Pathfinder lodge -- it could be a log cabin or a majestic fortress. But the following things must be true to give it true lodge status:[1]

  • It can only be founded by a member of the Pathfinder Society.
  • The lodge founder must own a minimum of one volume of the Pathfinder Chronicles, to be kept in the lodge.
  • The lodge must provide access to texts that specialize in the region in which the lodge resides: geography, flora/fauna, demographics, etc.
  • The lodge must honor the requests of any pathfinders seeking aid.
  • The lodge must uphold the policy of tolerance and respect to all pathfinders. The lodge is a safehouse for all Society members, regardless of religious beliefs, political persuasion, gender, or race.


Famous Lodges[]

This is a listing of some famous lodges in Avistan and Garund .

Other Lodges[]

Lodges can also be found in the following locations :-