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Pathfinder News

Yoda8myhead Yoda8myhead 7 August 2010

Pathfinder sweeps the ENnies

Unsurprising to many, Paizo swept the ENnie Awards this year, with 13 wins including Best Game, Best Adventure, Product of the Year, and Best Publisher!

The following Pathfinder products took home awards (all gold except noted with an asterisk).

  • Pathf…
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Yoda8myhead Yoda8myhead 3 August 2010

2011 Products Announced

On the eve of GenCon 2010, Paizo has announced their product lineup through June 2011 including the eighth Pathfinder Adventure Path, two new Pathfinder Tales novels, and another Pathfinder Roleplaying Game hardcover rulebook.

In the flagship Pathfin…

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Wiki News

Yoda8myhead Yoda8myhead 15 October 2010

PathfinderWiki shoutout

Fans of gaming-themed webcomic are probably no stranger to Mortellan's wonderful World of Greyhawk. And Mortellan's apparently no stranger to Golariopedia either! Check out the shoutout in his most recent Greyhawk/Golarion crossover (in which the dei…

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Brandingopportunity Brandingopportunity 6 October 2010

Big Changes to the Wiki!

As you have probably noticed, Pathfinder Wiki looks quite a bit different from the last time you logged on here. This is because Wikia, who hosts our site, has decided to "upgrade" the look and functionality of all of its wikis across the board. T…

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