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Bronze compass.svg This page is an official policy on the Golariopedia.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow.

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This is how case is handled on the PathfinderWiki

  • Use normal English capitalization rules. Read them here or here if you are not familiar with them.
    Example: goblin dog
  • The only exception is: If the canon material capitalizes a word, so should the PathfinderWiki.
    Example: Age of Darkness
  • This applies to all article titles and text.


Because of the design of MediaWiki, the software used to run the PathfinderWiki, case is a bigger issue than you might think it deserves. An article called 'Some Test Article' is different than the article 'Some test article'. However, 'Some test article' and 'some test article' are exactly the same thing! Using a consistent case for article titles is therefore pretty important.

When more than one page uses that name and the 2nd page uses parentheses the word in parentheses should be in lower case if following on e.g. Pathfinder Society (organized play) not Pathfinder Society (Organized Play). Normal rules apply.