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Infobox and other templates are coloured according to the following theme.

This is not fixed and should be refined over time!

Characters: blue(s)   NPC infobox: 669 Iconic infobox: 009
Creatures: red(s)   Creature infobox: 900 Ship infobox: 940
Geography: green(s)   City infobox: 363 Nation infobox: 060
Magic: purple(s)   Spell infobox: 909 Magic Item infobox: 609
Religion: cyan(s)   Deity infobox: 099
Game mechanics: yellow(s)   Class infobox: 660 Prestige class infobox: 990
Statblock: 663
Real world things: black(s)   Book infobox: 000 Biography infobox: 666