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Pathfinder Player Companion

Pathfinder Player Companion is an invaluable resource for players and Game Masters. Each 32-page bimonthly installment explores a major theme in the Pathfinder Campaign Setting, with expanded regional gazetteers, new player character options, and organizational overviews to help players flesh out their character backgrounds and to provide players and Game Masters with new sources for campaign intrigue.

The product line debuted in August 2008 as Pathfinder Companion, with Second Darkness, a player-oriented guidebook to the third Pathfinder Adventure Path, Second Darkness. In August 2010, the line's name was changed from Pathfinder Companion to Pathfinder Player Companion to more clearly express the line's purpose as player-oriented material.

The bi-monthly issues alternate with the Pathfinder Modules line, which converted from a monthly to bi-monthly schedule in August 2008, coinciding with the launch of this line. These products briefly replaced the Player's Guide products released at the launch of each new Adventure Path, but were found to be a poor fit for this role and have since become more independent from other lines.


Cover Title Release Date Author
Faiths of Balance
Humans of Golarion
Faiths of Purity
Halflings of Golarion
Inner Sea Primer
50px Adventurer's Armory 1004April 2010 KeithJonathan H. Keith, Hal Maclean, Jeff Quick, Chris Self, JD Wiker, and Keri Wiker
50px Andoran, Spirit of Liberty 1001January 2010 KeithJonathan Keith, Hal Maclean, Colin McComb, Jason Nelson, and Hank Woon
Cheliax Empire of Devils.jpg Cheliax, Empire of Devils 0908August 2009 KeithJonathan H. Keith, Colin McComb, Steven E. Schend, Leandra Christine Schneider, and Amber E. Scott
Dwarves of Golarion.jpg Dwarves of Golarion 0912December 2009 EitelbachDavid Eitelbach, Russ Taylor, JD Wiker, Keri Wiker, and Hank Woon
Elves of Golarion.jpg Elves of Golarion 0810October 2008 MacleanHal Maclean & Jeff Quick
Gnomes of Golarion.jpg Gnomes of Golarion 1005May 2010 McCombColin McComb, Steven Schend, Sean K Reynolds, Owen K.C. Stephens, Mark Moreland, Jeff Quick, and Hal Maclean
50px Legacy of Fire Player's Guide 0902February 2009 CortijoBrian Cortijo, Stephen S. Greer, James Jacobs, Jonathan H. Keith, Amber Scott, F. Wesley Schneider, and James L. Sutter
Orcs of Golarion.jpg Orcs of Golarion 1008August 2010
50px Osirion, Land of Pharaohs 0812December 2008 NelsonJason Nelson & Todd Stewart
50px Qadira, Gateway to the East 0906June 2009 CortijoBrian Cortijo
50px Sargava, The Lost Colony 1006June 2010 WikerJ.D. Wiker and Sean K Reynolds
Second Darkness Companion.jpg Second Darkness 0808August 2008 JacobsJames Jacobs, F. Wesley Schndeider, Amber Scott, and Greg A. Vaughan
Taldor Echoes of Glory.jpg Taldor, Echoes of Glory 0904April 2009 FrostJoshua J. Frost

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