PaizoCon UK is a fan-organized convention based on the model of the original PaizoCon which began in 2009.

PaizoCon UK 2009Edit

The inaugural event was held at Aston University, Birmingham on July 10-12, 2009. The itinerary included a trip to a balti house and five slots of Pathfinder Society games. Special guests included Richard Pett, Christine Schneider, and Ben Wenham, each variously playing or running games alongside other attendees. The convention was organised after news broke earlier in the year that GenCon UK had fallen through. Dave Harrison was responsible for overall organisation of the conference, aided by Sarah Harrison and Rob Silk. Some research work in the Birmingham area was carried out by another then member of the Paizo messageboards community. All attendees and guests seemed to have enjoyed themselves over the weekend, and when Dave asked the room at the end of the convention if they would be interested in a further PaizoCon UK in 2010, the answer was a unanimous ‘yes’.

PaizoCon UK 2010Edit

This event took place at Aston University, Birmingham, on July 17-18, 2010 (with a repeat of last year's balti house trip for early arrivals on the evening of the 16th). One again Richard Pett was in attendance, and Pathfinder Society chief, Josh Frost, called by on the end of his European tour (having travelled all the way from Lyon by train to get there), bringing a preview copy of the APG with him which some of the attendees were fortunate enough to get a look at.

Saturday night saw a multi-table event for the year of the Shadow Lodge which was an event in high demand, and also the results of a charity sealed bid auction of some game products. All in all the convention seemed to be a big success (even if 'The Dice Man', a trader who had been expected to bring gaming supplies, never made it). More people still expected in 2011!

PaizoCon UK 2011Edit

This event took place at Aston University, Birmingham, on the third weekend of July, 2011. The numbers were limited to a hundred tickets and the event was sold out. Whilst it had been anticipated that Hyrum Savage (the then head of PFS) would attend, he cancelled at the last minute due to urgent Paizo business which required his continued presence in Seattle. The hardy perennial Mr. Richard Pett was in attendance however on the Friday and Saturday (and ran a slot of his game 'We Be Goblins'), as were mustered the Venture Captains of the UK (Dave Harrison), the Netherlands, and Denmark.

The traditional Friday Night Balti was attended by over 70 people. Over Saturday and Sundaty, 5 slots of pathfinder games were played, including a special 'Grand Melee' event on the Saturday evening (the latter ably captained by a volunteer GM who stepped in to fill Hyrum's shoes).

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