Painted Creation
Type Construct
CR Varies
Environment Any

Source: Gallery of Evil, pg(s). 28-29

Painted creations are constructs that are created by talented arcane artists who infuse their works of art with tiny portions of their own spirit.


The appearance of a painted creation varies hugely and is only limited by the subject that the artist chose to paint. Painted creations are composed entirely of rare magical paint that, after the creation process is complete, assume the form of whatever the artist painted. Despite how lifelike painted creations are, they are still made of paint and can take advantage of their liquid composition to squeeze through small gaps. Apart from their creation method, painted constructs can be as varied as the creatures that inspire art. Painted creations look almost identical to their subjects. The only difference between the subject and the painted creation is that the colours of the painted creation seem more vivid and defined. Painted creations also move with a level of grace greater than their subjects due to their unique composition of liquid paint.[1]

Habitat & EcologyEdit

Painted creations, as constructs, tend to dwell where ever their creator dwells. Painted creations are completely loyal to their creator and do his or her bidding without question. As constructs, painted creation have no place in the natural world. They do not need food and can live without having any impact on the world around them.[1]


Toxic Touch 
Due to the nature of the paint that makes up a painted creation its touch is toxic to most living things.
Fluid Form 
A painted creation is comprised of liquid paint and as such can pass through small spaces with ease.[1]