Nation River Kingdoms
Size Small city
Population 6,700
Demographics Merfolk 34%, sahuagin 36%, human 20%, elf 5%, other 5%
Government Council of inhuman generals
Alignment Neutral

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 34-37

Outsea is a town in the River Kingdoms containing farmland, swampland, rivers, and canals. Its citizens include both aquatic species as well as air-breathers. Military service is mandated for all water-breathers and a few landlubbers serve in respected voluntary battalions.[1] Locks and gates separate freshwater and salt water, preventing the districts from flowing into each other. Beneath the waterline, coral reefs and seaweed form underwater structures. Fish, octopi, and other aquatic animals are prevalent.[2] Mages of Outsea are known for their strong tradition of practicing water magic. Unique spells of merfolk and sahuagin origins can be found only in this kingdom.[1]


The town of Outsea, as well as its holdings on land and at sea, are ruled by the Council of Generals. The council represents each of the sentient aquatic races of Outsea and all members are generals in the military. Landlubbers are represented by an advisory circle, which makes requests to the Council of Generals regarding their interests.[1]


Outsea was created when a force of ceratioidi mercenaries traveled through the Sellen to make war on enemy merfolk. However, their magic failed and they and other saltwater races were trapped in an area of magical brine, deep in the center of the River Kingdoms. [3]

Inhabitants and SocietyEdit

Ceratioidi are in the minority of Outsea's population, but they resemble the now never-seen angler fish god-ruler of Outsea, Danglosa. As a result, the Ceratioidi are held in high respect by other residents of Outsea. [3]


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