Separated from the rest of Magnimar by the Yondabakari River, Ordellia has always considered itself somewhat apart from the rest of the city. Ordellia is the western-most district and is the only one on the western side of the Yondabakari. It is connected to the rest of city by a bridge to Kyver's Islet (which, in turn, is then connected by bridge to Silver Shore). Ordellia serves as a hotbed of dissent and new political ideas, the people of the district view themselves as embodying the spirit of freedom that led Alcaydian Indros to originally found Magnimar. The people of the district are proud of their community, organized militia and other services, viewing themselves as a separate entity to the rest of the city. The beating heart of this community-wide spirit is The Rose and Rake Theatre, renowned for it satirical and often scathing plays which target local political figures.[1]