The Oath Wars were a large conflict between the clergies of Nethys, Norgorber, and Sarenrae in order to be the dominant religion in northwest Garund. The battles began in 2498 AR with the newly embraced religion of Sarenrae spreading into the region, coming into conflict with the already established religions of Nethys and Norgorber. Once it began, it became an all out war between the zealots of the three religions.[1]

This large conflict devastated the entire region and would have been likely to continue until the city of Azir exiled all the clerics from the city. Led by the philosopher Kalim Onaku the city created the Laws of Man, the first of which barred the worship of any deity.[2] This spread throughout the region, which eventually became the country of Rahadoum, causing the Oath Wars to end in 2560 AR as the warring parties were evicted from the fledgling nation.[1]