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Type Undead
CR +2
Environment Any
As base creature

Source: Seven Days to the Grave, pg(s). 88-89

Nosferatu are believed to be a primitive form of vampire, granted continual existence and power by their curse, yet still suffering the ravages of time.[1]


Unlike the eternally-young vampire, a nosferatu continually ages as the years pass. As a result, these undead are usually bitter individuals, their withered flesh, yellowed teeth, and gaunt features serving to broadcast them as outcasts among the living.[1]


Nosferatu retain many of the abilities they held before becoming undead. Their withered forms defy their strength and speed, and their hands develop claws that can be used to inflict significant damage. These creatures possess many powers similar to those of vampires, such as blood drain, the ability to control the will of others, resistance to certain forms of attack, and regenerative capabilities. In addition, they boast certain abilities that are uniquely their own.[1][2]

A nosferatu is capable of moving even sizable objects by simply concentrating on the task at hand.[1]
Swarm Form 
Similar to the shape-changing abilities of vampires, nosferatu are able to transform themselves into a swarm of smaller creatures.[2]


As immortal creatures that continue to feel the passage of time, nosferatu possess an outlook that is largely unique among intelligent undead. Their actions are often intended to forward objectives that require ages to achieve, yet are motivated by a sense of urgency that has its roots in the primitive nature of their curse.[1]

Known Nosferatu[]

Self-despising creatures, nosferatu seem to prefer a solitary existence.[3]

Ramoska Arkminos 
An authority on disease, this centuries-old nosferatu spends much of his time researching a cure for the curse of vampirism.[3]