Norns are feywomen who are always seen in groups of three and are unique to the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. They are often considered to be a single soul split into three bodies. A triumverate (as trio of Norns) appears to act with a singular mind, speak in perfect unison, and the strength of all three seems dependent on the other two. Norns deliver cryptic prophesies to lost travelers and questing heroes who encounter them along their journeys. These prophesies are often contingent on an inscrutable and subtle test of wisdom and determination imposed by the fey.[1] For whatever reason, perhaps the norn's connection to the First World, the predictions of these hooded figures are strangely accurate, even when most prophecies fail during the Age of Lost Omens.[2]

Recent HistoryEdit

The Ulfen king Ingimundr the Unruly of Bildt has been advocating taking up the mantle of his forefathers, and starting the raids against the lands to the south and east again. The Norns have repeatedly cautioned against this.[3]