Aliases The Red Sultana
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Gnoll
Gender Female
Homeland Katapesh

Noor the Red Sultana inspires terror like no other bloodthirsty gnoll. She gained her title during the Siege of Solku where she fought next to Rath Sandstalker at the head of his small army of gnolls. After the gnolls failed to hold Solku, Noor left the band of survivors and disappeared into the desert. When Noor reappeared, she did so as the Red Sultana. Her enchanted hide armor shines with a slick red sheen in battle, as if dripping wet with crimson gore, and her eyes burn with an intense light. The Red Sultana drew to her crimson banner the most depraved, sadistic, desperate and violent gnolls in the region. Sandstalker lost some of his tribe, others came from small packs in the mountains. She cares nothing for preserving or defending gnoll settlements, nor does she march for gold or power. She cares only for slaughter and seeks to begin it with those who resisted her last siege on Solku.[1]