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Nocticula (demon).jpg
Titles Our Lady in Shadow, Demon Lord of Darkness and Lust
Alignment Chaotic evil
Portfolio darkness
Worshipers whores
sexual criminals
Cleric Alignments
Domains Chaos, Charm, Darkness, Evil, Solitude
Favored Weapon hand crossbow

As a demon

The Lady in Shadow, Nocticula (pronounced nok-TICK-you-lah),[1] is a demon lord who concerns herself with the metaphysical qualities of darkness and lust.


Lady Nocticula appears in her true form as a succubus, wearing her dark hair in a complex style. Her eyes are devoid of pupils, her fingers are tipped with talons, and her feet end in stony hooves. Her bat-like wings are covered with glowing runes and three stinger-tipped tails complete her demonic visage. Like her brother Socothbenoth, however, she often shifts her form to meet the deepest, darkest desires of those observing her.[2]

Relations to Others[]

Nocticula is a master of seduction, so much so that even the other mighty demon lords are not immune to her persuasive charms. Her greatest triumph was the seduction and murder of Vyriavaxus, the former demon lord of shadows. As a result, most demon lords treat her with extreme caution. Despite their stern forbearance, her unearthly beauty also inspires lust and obsession, which tempers their fears. The only exception to Nocticula's distrustful relationship with the other demon lords is her brother Socothbenoth, with whom she maintains a relatively friendly and, more disturbingly, frequently incestuous relationship. Nocticula dwells in the Abyssal domain known as the Midnight Isles, an island realm shrouded in sensual immorality and eternal darkness.[3]

Cult & Worshipers[]

A cruel sadist on one hand and a seductive beauty on the other, she is patron to assassins and succubi (both literal and figurative). Assassin's guilds in her service are constantly at odds with other guilds, especially the feared Red Mantis, often leading to protracted shadow wars. She is particularly popular amongst the drow of Golarion, and has been taken on as the patron of House Misraria.[4] She is also worshiped in places of decadence such as Katapesh, Geb, and certain River Kingdoms.[5] Nocticula is also venerated among the Lamyros, a group of Pharasma-cursed creatures that loathe all the gods, and take pleasure in confounding and destroying their mortal servants.[6]


Nocticula after becoming a Deity

Nocticula is the second Demon lord to have become a Deity, the first one being Lamashtu. Nocticula's followers included a once-heretical sect named the Cult of the Redeemer Queen, whose members rightly believed that their patron was seeking to leave behind her demonic nature and become a goddess of artists, outcasts, and midnight. This was believed by others to be a ruse on Nocticula's part; although these skeptics agreed that Nocticula sought true godhood, they believed that the demon lord sought to become an assassin of gods and seeded rumors of her quest for redemption to hide her true intentions. Likewise, the cult has faced opposition and assassinations from more orthodox worshippers of Nocticula. The goddess herself seemed to enjoy the strife caused by these disagreements, and granted her once-heretical followers the same magic that she granted to her traditional evil worshippers. In the end, the Cult of the Redeemer Queen was ultimately proven right since Nocticula stopped granting spell to her evil worshippers.


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