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Nation Nidal
Size Large city
Population 24,320
Government Theocracy
Alignment Lawful evil

Source: Cities of Golarion, pg(s). 34

Nisroch is the largest city in Nidal and also the most open. For most of the port's visitors though, that isn't saying much. The few ships that do dock here are closely inspected, and the streets are heavily patrolled. Finding little in the way of traditional port entertainment, most foreigners don't spend any more time in the company of the suspicious inhabitants than they have to. Recent reports, however, indicate that pirates form the Shackles moor at the city's docks with increasing frequency. The reason for this increased traffic isn't known, but is likely to strain Nidal's relations with Cheliax, which is in constant conflict with the pirates of western Garund.[1]


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Cities of Nidal