Nightmare Bats
Type Outsider
(evil, extraplanar)
CR 3
Environment Hell

Source: D2: Seven Swords of Sin, pg(s). 30-31

Nightmare bats are hideous scavenger creatures that serve the same role in Hell as vultures do on the material plane. They are hideous in appearance, often looking like some sort of undead, but at heart they are cowardly scavengers.


Nightmare bats look like large, leathery birds of prey. They are completely featherless, exposing their unpleasant leathery flesh. Their featherless wings look more like bat's wings that bird wings. Their faces look like featherless vultures including a vicious-looking beak. Rather than feet the rear end of a nightmare bat is a long, sinuous tail. From beak to tail nightmare bats are about six feet in length with a wingspan of about nine feet.[1]

Ecology & HabitatEdit

Nightmare bats are only normally found in Hell where they serve a similar role to vultures. They scavenge Hell looking for evil souls too weak to defend themselves that they can devour. Despite their fierce appearance, nightmare bats are ultimately cowards, only attacking those weaker than themselves. They often attack in numbers to make up for their individual weakness but even in large numbers they only attack the weak. Nightmare bats are normally only found on the material plane as a result of summoning. They love to answer the call of summoners as it allows them to wreak havoc on a realm full of creatures far weaker than Hell's denizens.[1]


The bite of a nightmare bat is poisonous and helps them to overcome their foes.[1]