Race/Species Human
Class Wizard
Gender Male
Homeland Nex
Died Disappeared in 576 AR

The archmage Nex (pronounced NEKS)[1] emerged during the Age of Destiny, in the city-state of Quantium, which later became the capital of the state which bears his name, Nex.

Nex travelled the world and the Great Beyond, and his private nation grew rich on the results of his adventures. However, in -892 AR the expansion of the country of Nex brought it into conflict with the necromancer Geb, and his nation (also called Geb). The war lasted centuries, as each wizard was able to extend his life through the use of arcane elixirs. During the war, Nex created the fleshforges of Ecanus.

Nex eventually achieved true immortality by creating a personal demiplane he called the Crux of Nex. He used a shard of the Crux as part of an unsuccessful siege of Absalom in 166 AR. He used another shard in Quantium to create another demiplane, the Refuge of Nex, to act as a bolthole if he was threatened by his enemies.

In 563 AR Nex gifted dominion over the isle of Jalmeray to the Vudrani maharaja Khiben-Sald.

Some four thousand years ago, in 576 AR, Geb managed to bathe Quantium in a deadly fog, and Nex fled into the Refuge. He has never been seen since – and whilst thousands of other people have entered the Refuge since, none of those have ever emerged either.[2]

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