Following the Neutral good alignment means doing what is good without bias for or against order. A Neutral good character does the best that a good person can do. He is devoted to helping others. He works with kings and magistrates but does not feel beholden to them.

Characters Edit

Neutral good characters are people who do what's right, someone who's willing to make personal sacrifices to help people and make Golarion a better place. Typically altruistic and driven by a desire to right, or unable to say no to those in need, these characters are often willing to take extreme personal risk to do what is right. These characters seek to help people, working with governments and lawful organizations if they need to, but neither seeking to topple or perpetuate them. While members of many classes can be neutral good, many of the truly good are clerics of good gods, whose piety and will to improve the world leads them on many adventures to fight back the darkness and help the weak and defeated.

Gods Edit

Neutral good deities wish for their followers and congregations to spread peace and goodness into the lives of their neighbours and friends, and indeed all whom they cross paths with, however when evil threatens good, the time sometimes comes to take up the sword and defend the light, the followers of Sarenrae in particular exemplify this dualism. Typically known for their peaceful congregations and desire to spread peace and life in the world, they ask for the same dedication from their followers. Worshipers of neutral good gods usually live quiet and peaceful lives, helping their community and giving where and when they can. Neutral good members of Golarion's major pantheon include Sarenrae and Shelyn.

Nations Edit

A nation with the neutral good alignment is one in which citizens and the government try to live in peace, and safeguard the rights and lives of the nations inhabitants children, evil is not tolerated, though not hunted or prosecuted with the same zeal as a lawful good nation, and the unfortunate and sick are well-cared for. An example of a neutral good nation in Golarion is Andoran, in which the people have come together to live in a democratically governed nation, adhering to the ethos of personal freedom, trust in fellow man, and doing right by others.


Neutral good outsiders are called angels. Other neutral good outsiders include leonals, avorals, vulpinals and the angel's flip-side, the meditative agathions.

The Nine Alignments

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Lawful neutralNeutralChaotic neutral
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