Titles The Diamond of the North
Region Mendev
Size Metropolis
Population 64,700
Alignment Lawful Good
Ruler Queen Galfrey

The capital of the crusader state of Mendev, Nerosyan is designed first and foremost as a defensive fortification to hold back the endless demonic hordes of the Worldwound.


Nerosyan is located at a valuable strategic location, guarding the junction where the Egelsee River flowing from the east meets the northern-most branch of the Sellen River. The city itself is laid out in a diamond pattern between the two rivers, in order to maximize their defensive potential. The outer walls are topped with crenelations, and dozens of towers rise from the walls, ensuring that the defenders can pour fire into any attacking force. The top of the walls are covered in sloped roofs cut with arrow slits, which allow the defenders to ward off the flying horrors that attack it. At the center of the city sits the Cruciform Cathedral which allows the defenders to easily sally out to any part of the city. Despite its role as the head of the crusader effort in Mendev, there are still subtle reminders of the original piratical origins of the city. Despite this, the city is generally law-abiding and beautiful in design, and clear in its sacred purpose.[1]


As the capital, Nerosyan is ruled by Queen Galfrey, who uses her considerable authority to maintain the peace.[2]

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