Nar-Voth (pronounced nar-VOTH)[1] is the uppermost region of the Darklands, descending from the surface of Golarion to a depth of about 2000 feet. This region consists of a series of interconnected cave networks, some of which are connected to one another through lengthy twisting passages. While the caverns are immense and span great distances, they do not span the length of entire continents. For a cave system to be considered part of Nar-Voth, there must be a passage leading down to Sekamina, where such vast systems can be found.[2] When surface-dwelling races talk about the Darklands, they are generally referring to Nar-Voth, as this is the only section that most of them have been in contact with.[3]


When the Starstone fell to Golarion, entire cave systems in Nar-Voth were destroyed. Many of these were territories inhabited by the orcs. This calamity allowed the dwarves to push upwards to the surface in the Quest for Sky. However, some of their brethren chose to stay behind in the great underground cities. The descendants of these dwarves became the duergar. With most of the tribes of orcs and dwarves abandoning their ancient caverns, many surface inhabitants began to populate the now abandoned caverns. Some include humans who fled the cataclysm on the surface. From these grew the races of mongrelmen and morlocks.[2]


Many creatures that dwell in Nar-Voth are relatively isolated and tribal, and are generally found in small groups.[3] However a number of 'civilized' races such as the duergar, mongrelmen, troglodytes, vegepygmies, and derro occupy certain systems in large numbers.[3]


Scattered amongst the great sprawling cave complexes are a number of systems which function as population centers for some of the inhabitants. In particular, the duergar occupy a number of abandoned pre-existing dwarven cities. [3][4]


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