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Nation Mwangi Expanse
Size metropolis
Population 36,900
Demographics 36,700 human (31,000 Zenj, 2,000 Bonuwat, 2,000 Bekyar, 1,000 Mauxi, 700 other), 200 non-human
Government magical
Alignment Lawful neutral
Ruler Walkena, mummified child-god

Source: Heart of the Jungle, pg(s). 37


The massive temple-city of Mzali stands on the fertile flood plain of the Pasuango River, on of the tributaries of the Korir River in the Mwangi Expanse. It is south of the Screaming Jungle, and east of the Sargavan city of Kalabuto.


The city has stood for thousands of years. It was the centre of an ancient empire, ruled by semi-divine sun kings similar to the pharaohs of Ancient Osirion.

They were eventually overthrown by priests calling themselves the Council of Mwanyisa. Under their rule, the empire was lost and the city crumbled.

However, a hundred years ago, the Council prophesied the rise of a new Mzali empire. Later, they uncovered the mummified remains of Walkena, a child of the sun kings. Legend has it that in life Walkena was a mighty magician, able to call down fire from the heavens. This discovery was viewed as an omen, and thousands of Mwangi flocked to the city to view the mummy. This influx of visitors brought much needed wealth to the crumbling city.

The new-found prosperity of Mzali attracted the attention of the Chelish overlords of nearby Kalabuto. They raised an army and attacked the city – and were miraculously defeated. The mummified remains of Walkena sprang to life to defend the city, and rained fiery death upon the invading army. He then claimed Mzali as his own, and became the city’s absolute ruler.


Walkena rules the city with an iron hand. He handsomely rewards his supporters, but those who offend him suffer the Punishment of Seven Angry Suns.

Today, Mzali is the centre of Mwangi nationalism. Walkena seeks to unite the entire Mwangi Expanse under his rule, and aims to drive out all non-Mwangi from the region. Those who trade with outsiders are considered to be traitors, who plunder the Expanse’s precious and irreplaceable resources for personal gain.

Mwangi pilgrims flock to the city. Non-Mwangi wisely avoid Mzali, or generally suffer horribly for their temerity. [1]

Forces from Mzali have sacked Kalabuto three times in recent years. [2] So far, except for his initial defence of the city Walkena has not taken to the field personally.