Mosquito swarm
Type Vermin
CR 3
Environment any temporate or tropical enviroment

Source: W2: River into Darkness, pg(s). 29-30

Mosquito swarms are made up of large mosquitos. Not only are they significantly larger than normal mosquitos, but they are also more vicious. These swarms can suck even a human completely dry in a relatively short period of time. Mosquito swarms of this type are usual found in around the Mwangi Expanse.


The mosquitos that make up these swarms are only slightly larger than normal mosquitos. Apart from this they look just like others of their kind. When they swarm they resemble a low-lying, dark cloud that can move against the wind.[1]

Habitat and EcologyEdit

The mosquitos that make up these swarms are particularly sensitive to heat and humidity and are unable to survive without both. As such, they are normally only found around the Mwangi Expanse, particularly the dense tropical forests like the Screaming Jungle. Male mosquitos die soon after mating but females live on, seeking blood for the next generation to consume. Swarms are usually comprised entirely of female mosquitos.[1]


Once a swarm begins drawing blood from its prey, hundreds of the individual insects remain attached to the victim. The only way to get them off is to deal some sort of area damage or submerge in water.
Drain Blood 
A mosquito swarm sucks the blood of any opponent it attacks.[1]