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Type Humanoid
CR By class level
Environment Nar-Voth

Mongrelmen (also called Mongrels) are one of the groups of descendants of the Azlanti that hid underground, where they remained during the Age of Darkness.[1] They have the ability to breed with almost any humanoid creature, which adds new deformities and mutations to following generations of mongrelmen. It is the abilities these deformities grant that allow the mongrelmen to survive in Nar-Voth, the first layer of the Darklands. As a race, they are the most friendly and hospitable to surface dwellers. Among the other Nar-Voth races they are despised, in part, for their acceptance of the surface dwellers.[2]

The mongrelmen's pantheon is culled from a wide range of other racial pantheons, with the most commonly worshiped deities being Gozreh, Pharasma, and Sivanah.[2]


Wenduag, a Mongrel

There is no simple way to describe the way a mongrelman might look. Their appearances vary greatly based on that particular person's linage. They have a multitude of different racial features that would appear to have come from the many different humanoid races. Most mongrelmen appear as deformed humanoids, a collection of various traits that do not belong together.[2]