Region Mivon, River Kingdoms
Size Small City
Population 10,870
Demographics Human 86%, dwarf 6%, elf 6%, gnome 2%
Government Meritocracy
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Ruler Mayor Raston Selline

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 29-31

It was to Mivon (pronounced mih-VON)[1] that many of the Aldori swordlords fled after Choral the Conquerer overthrew the nation of Rostland to create modern day Brevoy. Many swordlords settled in Mivon bringing with them the experience and knowledge of the ancient art of the swordlords. Warriors from as far as way Garund make pilgrimages to Mivon to learn the secrets of the swordlords, in order to do this the applicant must best a series of increasingly tough duels. The city also has a large fishing industry that specialises in catching eels in the pools surrounding the city. It is said that due to the violent nature of the city many of the eels have tasted human flesh and the phrase "a walk to the fishponds" has a very sinister meaning as the person normally does not return.[2]


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