Misery Row is a street running along the eastern edge of the Coins district of Absalom, where the slave trade is always legal.[1] This street is elevated from street level and separates the Coins from the Merchants' Quarter; access to the street can be gained via stairways located every few hundred feet. Although it is officially part of the Coins, no member of the district council or Token Guard visits the street for political reasons, although councilmembers and the Captain receive a kickback from every slave sale.[1] Most slaves are held and sold from pits accessible from wall-height sunk into Misery Row itself, giving rise to the moniker "slave pits of Absalom".[1]

Access to the slave market is restricted due to its elevation, but Lord Gyr has prohibited using magic to harass the slave trade.[1] Otherwise, he ignores mundane efforts to free slaves, as well as slaver reprisals on would-be liberators.[1]