Michellia Blakros
Race/Species Human
Gender Female
Organization Blakros family

Source: The Penumbral Accords, pg(s). {{{page}}}

Michellia Blakros is, with her twin sister Eleanir, one of the eldest daughters of the family's matriarch, Hamaria, born in 4689 AR. When the two were due to be sacrificed to the Onyx Alliance in 4710 AR, their mother hired Pathfinders to break the contract.[1] Two years later, she proposed marriage to Major Colson Maldris of the Andoren Eagle Knights, but he refused the Blakros family terms to focus on his work. To counter the snub by a Pathfinder collaborator, Ambrus Valsin invited the Blakros family to the 4712 AR Grand Convocation and asked agents to help make up.[1]