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Merlokrep, the Kobold King
Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Dread wight kobold
Class Fighter 2 / Sorcerer 4
Gender Male
Homeland Droskar's Crucible, Andoran
Organization Truescale Kobolds
Died 4707 AR

Source: Revenge of the Kobold King, pg(s). 13

The reign of Merlokrep, first of his name, all-mighty Dragon King of the Truescale Kobolds, has suffered misfortune from the day of his coronation. But the sturdy resolve that saw him through the murder of his eighteen siblings and cleared his path to the throne has held his tribe together through the accidents, attacks by their new monstrous neighbors, and the king's own homicidal outbursts of rage over both. Merlokrep is always happy to offer visitors an honored place as Great Sacrifices to the Crown, ready to wine and dine them before ripping them open and pulling out their hearts.[1]


Merlokrep is the pinnacle of potential kobold greatness. His austere form puts to shame the often disgraceful rumors of his race's stature and capabilities. Bright red scales cover his (relatively) tall, muscular body . He wears much "shiny-good-good" upon his visage, in the form of glinting noserings, and shining gold studs in his long, draconic ears. The right side of his face is covered by a decorated skull, after he lost his eye at his coronation ceremony when his consort Vreggma tripped on the dais and impaled his own crown into his face. If anything, this event only solidified Merlokrep's place as the intimidating Dragon King that he was destined to become.[2]


After killing his siblings and securing his position as ruler of the Truescale Kobolds, Merlokrep saw an unexpected decline in his people. As the tribe dug ever deeper into the earth in search of wealth, they unwittingly unleashed terrible horrors long buried beneath the earth. Fearing for the survival of the tribe, the King led them to the uppermost level of their realm, just beneath the haunted crypts of the ancient dwarven monastery, Droskar's Crucible. Cut off from their natural habitat, the kobolds continued to decline in power, until the tribe's shaman Jekkajak made a foreboding prophesy in 4707 which led Merlokrep to seek out "pink-skin" sacrifices to revitalize the power of the crown. In the dark of night, the Truesckale clan stole away five children from the nearby town of Falcon's Hollow.[2] Unfortunately, his plans were foiled, and Merlokrep was slain when the children were rescued.


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