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Titles Shepherd of Light
Race/Species Gold dragon
Gender Male
Homeland Promise, Hermea

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 78

Mengkare is an ancient gold dragon who rules the island kingdom of Hermea. Mengkare created the island country in 4552 AR as a response to the long and painful history of humanity. His goal was both simple and extraordinarily ambitious: to create a utopian society, ruled by absolute good, within which he could sculpt humanity to a form befitting their enormous potential.

To join his utopia, all citizens must sign a contract yielding absolute authority to the gold dragon. Uncorrupted by this power, Mengkare gives each citizen as much freedom as they can handle.[1]

The dragon periodically sends agents throughout Golarion to seek out the best, the brightest, the wisest, and the most beautiful to join him on Hermea in pursuit of utopia.[2]