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Nation Varisia
Region Korvosa
Size Village

The village of Melfesh was founded by Jorsh Melfesh in 4569 AR, suspended on large piers over the Yondabakari River at Lake Syrantula.[1][2] This holding of Korvosa is the largest and most heavily fortified of the city-state's inland settlements. As a result, the village is the primary military support for other outlying settlements such as Biston and Baslwief. Melfesh serves another, more lucrative, purpose, however, in that its massive drawbridge across the Yondabakari grants the village control over trade to and from Janderhoff via the Runtash River. The tolls collected are generally shared with the dwarven city, but have also led to a number of disputes, especially when Magnimarian vessels find that they are being charged almost double what ships from Korvosa pay. This is a major reason why there is such a major military presence in Melfesh, despite its relatively small size.[3]