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Mediogalti Island
Mediogalti Island
Alignment Lawful evil
Capital Ilizmagorti
Ruler Blood Mistress Jakalyn
Government Red Mantis

Mediogalti island (pronounced med-ee-oh-GALL-tee)[1] is found off the western coast of Garund, and is home to the Red Mantis assassins. It is also a haven for pirates, who sometimes bury their treasure in the island's interior.[2]


Mediogalti was once part of the now vanished kingdom of Ghol-Gan.[3] and was, for many years, visited only by pirates who used its lagoons as a convenient location to anchor and re-supply, and who found its interior an excellent place to hide buried treasure. This all changed in 2560 AR, when the end of the Oath Wars in Rahadoum left the Red Mantis assassins in need of a new home. Following a vision from their god Achaekek, they relocated to Mediogalti Island, and built their Crimson Citadel in the deep jungles of the island's interior. They also founded what became the city of Ilizmagorti.[4]


It is sometimes said that Mediogalti Island was uninhabited until the Red Mantis settled here. In fact, the interior has long been home to tribes of lizardfolk and kobolds. The former occasionally raid the outskirts of Ilizmagorti, whilst the latter engage in sporadic trade with the city. The island’s most dangerous inhabitants are a variety of species of dinosaurs that have been known to attack the city when hungry.

The island’s lagoons and outlying waters are home to a race of shark-like humanoids called the Kaneano. While they may occasionally aid shipwrecked sailors, there are plenty of cases where they have been accused of devouring them instead. Many of Ilizmagorti's citizens appreciate the Kaneano nonetheless, holding the belief that they help to reduce the numbers of the other predators of the sea.[5]


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There is only one settlement of note on Mediogalti Island, the city of Ilizmagorti.


  • Crimson Citadel
  • Crypt of Angus Amberleg


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