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Material Plane
Sphere Inner Sphere
Alignment N/A
Denizens Varied life both mundane and bizarre
Description Endless voids very occasionally filled with celestial objects

The Material Plane is the reality in which the world of Golarion finds itself, along with its sun and its 10 sister planets. It is an unending void, occasionally harboring life on terrestrial planets or other less-stable celestial bodies.[1]

The Solar System[]

Main article: Solar system

Even though Golarion has the most diverse lifeforms and cultures of the planets orbiting its sun, it is not alone in the solar system. Other planets include Castrovel, covered in green jungles and Akiton, the red planet, with its vanished seas and endless deserts. Magical gates are said to exist, connecting Golarion to its sister planets, created long ago by lost civilizations.[2]

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The Great Beyond
Inner Sphere

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Outer Sphere

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