Nation Alkenstar
Population 10,300

The town of Martel is often considered to be a large district of Alkenstar City due to the fact that the two towers that comprise most of the town climb high enough to rise above the top of the Hellfallen Cliffs and connect via skybridges with buildings in Alkenstar proper. Despite this misconception Martel is its own municipality with its own claims to fame. Being at the base of Alken Falls, the town is in a much better strategic position to defend Alkenstar with ground support than its neighbors seven-hundred feet above. Thus, the Grand Duchy's gunmarshals make their headquarters here. Additionally, Martel is the center of banking in Alkenstar, where the financial practices are as advanced as Alkenstar's level of technology in comparison to the rest of the world. While this makes Alkenstar effective in their financial dealings, it has left the city-state with a slightly-less-than-trusted reputation throughout the Inner Sea.[1]


Cities of Alkenstar

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