Between the once-warring nations of Geb and Nex on Garund's eastern coast lies the Mana Wastes, a narrow strip of desert so blasted and twisted by centuries of arcane onslaughts that it is now an ever-shifting wasteland. The beasts and horrors which dwell there are some of the most deadly in all of Golarion and the region remains mostly uninhabited and unclaimed by either Nex or Geb.[1] The sole settlement in the Wastes is the city-state of Alkenstar, which stands vigilant against the sand krakens, elementals, barghests, and worse in the eastern foothills of the Shattered Range. Completely devoid of all magic, Alkenstar has developed some of the most advanced technology in the world including firearms and elsewhere-unheard-of alchemical concoctions and mechanical contraptions.[2]