Region Taldor
Size Small City
Population 11,790

Source: Taldor, Echoes of Glory, pg(s). 4

Maheto is a highly-defended Taldan city located in the northern foothills of the World's Edge Mountains. This settlement is home to highly-skilled dwarven craftsmen whose blades and other products are in high demand by members of the empire's ruling class.[1][2]

Geography Edit

The city of Maheto is located in the northern foothills of the World's Edge Mountains. The region provides much of the ore used in the city's manufacturing efforts. Trade roads extend from the city to the Verduran Fork in the west.[2]

Government Edit

Military Edit

The city of Maheto is highly fortified; the roads leading from the trade city are regularly patrolled by imperial forces, and the community is home to ten legions of Taldan Phalanx, as well as two legions of Taldan Horse.[2]

Economy Edit

The primary trade in the city of Maheto is metalcrafting. The dwarves here have secured mining rights for the World's Edge Mountains, and in exchange, lend their considerable talents to the empire. Blades crafted in Maheto are in high demand among prominent young men, especially in the capital city of Oppara.[2]

People Edit

Maheto is unique among communities in Taldor, in that its population includes a considerable number of dwarves who have secured mining rights to the World's Edge Mountains. In exchange, they provide weapons and other metal goods to the rest of the empire.[2]


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