Leader High Sun-Mage Oyamba
Headquarters Nantambu
Structure School

The Magaambya is Golarion's oldest academy of arcane learning, even if many proud schools in Avistan may not have heard of it. It was established by Old-Mage Jatembe and his Ten Magic Warriors in Nantambu during the Age of Anguish, and is still going strong. The Magaanbya's feared flying Tempest-Sun mages ensure that both cultists of Angazhan and raiders of the Aspis Consortium give Nantambu a wide berth.[1]

The Magaambya stands at the centre of Nantambu. It consists of numerous buildings within a ring of ten terraced towers. Each tower is decorated with a mosaic image of one of the nameless Ten Magic Warriors.

Much of its teaching and records are oral. The school owns a few written documents, but many of those were taken away by masters and are now scattered throughout villages which might be hundreds of miles away from Nantambu.[2]

The current head of the school is High Sun-Mage Oyamba.[3]

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