Located on Festival Street just north of the Sandpoint Market, this large, rambling manor house is the home of the Varisian elder of the town, Niska Mvashti. Known generally as Madame Mvashti, she has lived here ever since the founding of Sandpoint some 40 years ago.[1] An accomplished Harrow reader[2], she is a respected oracle for the local community.

The home was built as a concession for the atrocities the native Varisians of the area suffered at the hand of the ethnically Chelaxian settlers during the early years of Sandpoint's history. Already old at that time, Madame Mvashti complained that she was getting too frail for the Varisian's traveling lifestyle and wanted to settle down. It was agreed that the house would revert to communal property upon her death. Much to the chagrin of some local residents, she has proved remarkable long-lived.[1]


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