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Machine Armory
Titles Iteration 375
Sphere Demiplane
Alignment None
Description Constructed realm of silent mechanoids

The Machine Armory is a realm seemingly constructed by unknown machines. It is home to thousands of inevitable-like automatons, silently ordered into countless ranks like an army awaiting orders. Divination magics have also revealed that an unknown intelligence resides here, calling it "Iteration 375". Visitors to the Armory have reported that there seem to be no living inhabitants present, although there is always the sense of being watched. They also report of hearing periodic buzzing and seeing golden clouds, similar in appearance to discorporate axiomites, at the edges of their vision. Near the center of the demiplane stands a cyclopean metal tower with no visible entrance. It emits a constant low vibration as if filled by many gears.[1]


The Great Beyond
Inner Sphere

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Outer Sphere

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