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Type Outsider
(chaotic, extraplanar, good)
Environment Any

Source: The Skinsaw Murders, pg(s). 86-87

These small fey-like creatures are not fey at all but are actually divine messengers of Desna. Lyrakien wander the world bringing joy and delight to worshipers of the Song of the Spheres with their small gifts and good-natured pranks.[1]


Lyrakien look like tiny androgynous humanoids with fair features and light hair. Their ears are long and pointy like those of an elf. Lyrakien also have a pair of butterfly-like gossamer wings that are so thin they are practically transparent in normal light. They fly on these wings but seem to be more agile and quicker than physics should allow.[1]

Habitat & Ecology[]

Lyrakien, like their goddess Desna, are endless wanderers, and tend not to inhabit a single place for too long. If they do have a home it is probably Desna's domain, the Sevenfold Cynosure. While they have no permanent home, lyrakiens tend to travel the more well-worn paths of Golarion and often gather at beautiful spots with clear views of the night sky.

The similarity of lyrakien to fey is not deliberate but reflects the similarity of Desna's personality to that of good-natured fey—she is impulsive yet kind. Lyrakien, like fey, tend to live in harmony with nature, possessing a strong connection with places of great natural beauty. While generally peaceful creatures, they can become staunch opponents of any who seek to desecrate nature's beauty.

Lyrakien sometimes consent to become familiars of arcane spellcasters who are followers of Desna. They are far more independent than most familiars, and may even leave their allies if they feel the magic-user is not acting in the true spirit of their goddess.[1] They can also be temporarily summoned by clerics of Desna via a spell.[2]


Desna's Blessing 
Lyrakien are favored followers of the goddess of travel and as such are very hard to capture.
Desna's Glare 
Lyrakien can tap into Desna's power and release a burst of holy starlight. It damages nearby opponents of different alignments than themselves.[1]

Known Lyrakien[]

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The lyrakien listed below all reside in Varisia. The popular worship of Desna practiced by the local Varisian natives may explain the many lyrakien that inhabit the region.

Obsessed with musical instruments, Joidyrilli wanders between nomadic settlements seeking new songs to learn. His most distinctive feature is his dyed purple hair.
Kymryrcyl is an oddly somber lyrakien that lives in Windsong Abbey. When asked why he does not travel the world, Kymryrcyl simply pouts and claims to be waiting for someone.
Novi lives in the Sanos Forest near a gnome settlement where he entertains local children with his flute playing.[1]