Lozeri is one of the states known as the Palatinates, in fact it was the first Palainate as in 4670 AR its people threw off the unjust rule of their hereditary noble family. Now Lozeri is ruled by a group of well off but less-than-noble citizens who indulge the whims of the county's social elite. There preferred entertainment seems to be elaborate hunts, ranging from staged hunts of local fauna to hunts where exotic and often dangerous imported beasts are released and then hunted across the land. For the normal inhabitants of Lozeri little changed with the change of government and many complain that at least the deposed Count Beauturne kept the woodlands safe while the new Courtaud's Council seems intent on releasing dangerous beasts into them. To further scare the population in recent years rumour has begun circling of the Devil in Gray a foul beast of that hunts people from at the fringes of the forest.[1]