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The Lost Coast is the name given to the coastal land of south-western Varisia stretching from the city of Magnimar to the Fogscar Mountains. It is a wild and desolate country full of lingering fogs, small woodlands of pine and nettles along a rocky coastline of ragged bluffs and crashing waves.[1]


The Lost Coast of Varisia was known for it's remote location and low population of permanent residents but it was an important region throughout Varisia's history, of great significance to different nations, people and even gods.

Age of Creation (Pre-History)[]

Lamashtu fights Pazuzu

In the time before mortal life the Lost Coast was not a coast at all, it was low ridge of sharp-peaked hills that would in later ages come to be known as the Rasp. The texts of certain rare texts of demonology claim that the demon lords Lamashtu and Pazuzu pursued a short-lived dalliance in this region that resulted in the birth of several children, yet these rival faiths vehemently deny that such a dalliance ever occurred between their two warring demon gods. The Lost Coasts remain a contested region between the cults of Pazuzu and Lamashtu, although by large this conflict rages only in the shadows. Few of those who live in the region have any idea that the cults of two powerful demons vie for control over the region but that may change for when one cult gains enough power in the Lost Coast, the other will be forced to attack.

Age of Serpents (Pre-Humanity)[]

Those who ruled the region during this age were largely monstrous serpentfolk, troglodytes, or worse. When elves came to Golarion from distant Sovyrian, a splinter group split off from those who founded Kyonin and settled not so far north of the Lost Coast, founding the elven nation of Mierani. It was their gentle influence that elevated two local human ethnicities from savagery, but once they set the Varisians and the Shoanti on their way, the elves stepped back, wisely allowing the human ethnicities to forge their own destinies.

Places of Interest[]

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