Loric Fells is a wild, untamed region in the River Kingdoms, charactertized by dense forests, icy mists, rocky canyons, monstrous humanoids, and great variety magical beasts.

History Edit

The dwarves were the first to attempt to settle the rough wilderness of Loric Fells. Led by a dwarven miner named Deigal and his clan, they built a sturdy fortress known as Rookwarden Fells along a granite bluff close to the headwaters of the Wyvernkill River. The marble mined by Deigal was exceptional, and sold for huge profits in the markets of nearby Galt.

Unfortunately, the Red Revolution in Galt ended this favorable trading situation, and so the dwarven miners abandoned the settlement. Hordes of goblin tribes immediately moved into the vacated fortress, and it was from this fortified locale in 4669 AR that the goblins, joined by bugbears and a goblin warlord self styled "the Worg Queen", proceeded to wage unconditional war on nearby human settlements. In the regions around the Fells, the human lords engaged in brutal campaigns of squabbling and infighting, and the monstrous population of Loric Fells was able to grow and flourish unencumbered.

This idyllic situation was not to last. In 4693 AR, a Taldan prospector named Loric led an expedition into the Wyvernkill, in search of the rich mineral veins there. It ended in disaster: a third of his men were killed in goblin raids, and Loric was forced to retreat in shame. He returned again (much poorer) with a larger and better equipped army of mercenaries, in spent six years scouring the falls of its monstrous humanoid population. At first the lords of the River Kingdom didn't take Loric seriously, but his dogged determination (and the great quantity of goblin standards he brought to to the Outlaw Council every year) was enough to earn their respect. In 4700 AR the Outlaw Council named Loric lord of the region, renamed to "Loric Fells."

The suppression of the goblin population had an unplanned side effect: the troll tribes, led by a coven of green hags, led a successful campaign against the Worg Queen, driving her out of the Rookwarden Fortress. In 4701 AR Loric and his mercenaries were ambushed by a group of skrags. No-one escaped, and when Loric didn't show up at the Outlaw Council the next year, he was presumed by all to be slain. His disappearance spurned many lords to muster raids into the Fells, and at present chaos has settled over the region.[1]

Resources Edit

Loric Fells is rich in granite, marble, and precious quartz. This makes the Fells an attractive, if dangerous resource for the inhabitants of the River Kingdoms.

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