Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Blue dragon
Gender Female
Homeland Pashow, Thuvia

Source: Dragons Revisited, pg(s). 14-15

The blue dragon Loaralis lives in a secret cavern beneath the city of Pashow in Thuvia. There she plans and schemes with the help of her two lieutenants, a cleric of Abadar and a mid-level officer in the city watch. Loaralis keeps a very low profile, preferring to develop her plans in the shadows and not revealing herself unless absolutely necessary. Through her human followers, she manipulates both the city guard and the local temple of Abadar. Most inhabitants of Pashow believe that she is simply a myth, a scary story with which to frighten their children.[1]

The LairEdit

Loaralis' lair is in a huge vault she herself designed, found deep beneath the city and carefully hidden. Its location (and Loaralis' true identity) is known only to her two lieutenants, and they quite loyal to her.[1]

Loaralis and the Sun Orchid ElixirEdit

Despite what her detractors might believe, Loaralis is not responsible for the most recent disappearance of two shipments of the precious sun orchid elixir from Thuvia. She is actively investigating who might be behind the theft, but so far the guilty part has eluded her search.[1]