Most commerce is transacted in gold pieces, silver pieces, and copper pieces. Ten copper is worth one silver piece; ten silver is worth one gold piece; and ten gold is worth one platinum piece.[1] Along this more general standard, many nations mint specific coinages and denominations, which are listed below.


Absalom's currency consists of pennies, silver weights, crests, gold measures, and platinum sphinxes.[2] The Absalom Mint collects, melts, and re-mints the coins of other nations.[2]

Copper penny
Absalom does not regularly mint pennies, typically using varied denominations for minor transactions. Occasionally, an adventuring party, hero, or other special event will be commemorated by a limited mintage of the coins.[2]
Silver weight
A "weight", always of silver, is the standard unit of commerce, even for very large transactions.[2]
Electrum crest
Absalom no longer mints crests, but some were created during ancient crises as coins of mixed silver, gold, and copper. They are accepted only in Absalom at the same value as a silver weight.[2]
Gold measure
Absalom's coin is the weight of a full measure of gold, and the standard by which such coins are assessed.[2]
Platinum sphinx
These "lion-coins" are used in exchanges between large mercantile houses, and depict the mother-sphinx on the obverse and Azlant Keep on the reverse.[2]


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