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Alignment Lawful neutral (assumed)
Portfolio runes, fate, the reward of service
Worshipers Thassilonians

Lissala (pronounced lis-SALL-uh)[1] was once a major religious force in the empire of Thassilon. She was depicted as a stern woman with no mouth.[2]

She was introduced to Thassilon by the First King Xin who may have brought her from his homeland, the semi-mythical realm of Azlant. She taught the philosophy of the seven virtues of rule, guidelines which promised rewards for both rulers and their subjects if her teachings were strictly followed. These were eventually perverted into the seven mortal sins by the runelords. Lissala also seems to have been, if not the source, then one of the major teachers of the art of rune magic, through which the rulers of Thassilon erected their mighty works and controlled the populace.[3]

Her worship continued past the death of Xin, as Krune, the Runelord of Sloth, was her chief priest.[4] During the reign of the runelords her religion become more slavish and violent, emphasizing flagellation and mortification of the flesh.[5] For all intents and purposes her faith is now dead[5] Only the ruins of the Great Temple of Lissala and the smaller temples in fabled Xin-Shalast remain to indicate the awesome power she once wielded over the hearts and minds of the ancient Thassilonians.[6][7]


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