Linnorms are a family of gigantic, wingless dragons with long serpentine bodies, which make their homes in the far northern reaches of Avistan. They have small, vestigial wings directly behind their oversized heads and are capable of magical fight. They were the original draconic race on Golarion, having existed here for eons before the arrival of the "true dragons" millennia ago. Like true dragons they possess a terrible breath weapon, but unlike their cousins, they are not innate spell casters. Instead they seem to have a strange connection to the First World of the fey, and are able to pass between our world and theirs and lay dying curses on those who slay them.[1] Three species of linnorm are known to exist, the feared crag linnorm, the rare ice linnorm, and the justifiably feared tarn linnorm.[2] Other species, such as the water, snow, slate, mire, and taiga are rumored, but it is not known whether these denote distinct species, or are simply different names for the three mention above.[3]

Linnorms are greatly feared and respected by the populace of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, and like the name of the nation suggests, a potential ruler must carry a linnorm's head through the city gate in order to secure a mandate to rule.[4]