The lawful neutral alignment represents devotion to law, authority, tradition, and/or a strong moral code. Concepts of order and organization are paramount, though what form these concepts take is likely to differ based on an individual's perspective.

Characters Edit

Lawful neutral characters are the judges of Golarion. Typically driven by a strong sense of fairness and duty, these characters are often willing to take extreme personal risk to stay true to the accepted behavior and beliefs of their deity or society. Being morally neutral, a character of this alignment sees both good and evil as tools to use to maintain order. While members of many classes can be lawful neutral, the ideal class for this alignment is monk, whose dedication to their training, tradition, and personal perfection give them a clearly structured view of the world. Sometimes, however, a lawful neutral character can take their fervor too far, becoming near-tyrannical in the name of upholding justice and order. An example of these characters in Golarion are the menacing Hellknights.

Gods Edit

Abadar is the perfect example of a lawful neutral deity. His primary aim is to spread civilization and order to the farthest untamed corners of the world.


Lawful neutral outsiders are called Axians.

The Nine Alignments

Lawful goodNeutral goodChaotic good
Lawful neutralNeutralChaotic neutral
Lawful evilNeutral evilChaotic evil

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