Type Outsider
(good, incorporeal, lawful, native)
Environment Any
Alignment Lawful good

Source: What Lies in Dust, pg(s). 86-87

Lares are invisible, incorporal spirits from the Upper Planes drawn to protect homes, individuals, and families on the Material Plane. [1]

Behavior & EcologyEdit

Although formed on the Upper Planes, lares usually choose to take residence in an earthly home. They are anchored to the Material Plane through household shrines known as lararia, and only leave their chosen dwelling if the family they patronize moves and takes the lararia with them. In order to attract the protective spirits, people create statuae of ancestors or heroes and invite the lar through prayer and meditation. [1]

Lars can defend their domiciles by animating objects, influencing intruders, or manipulating the environment within the home. [1]

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