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Given the size of the multiverse there are bound to be countless languages spoken within it. Here is but a small sampling of the most common ones.


Some believe that Abyssal was the first language developed by outsiders of the Great Beyond. Given the incredible rate of change within the tongue, this is very difficult to prove. Although it is the native language of the demons of the Abyss, it is also spoken by many devils, daemons, or others who have frequent dealings with races of the lower realms.[1]


Aquan grew from a proto-elemental language which was the progenitor of all elemental languages. Much of its vocabulary is taken up with water-related terms.[1] It is the language of the Elemental Plane of Water.


Auran is a soft-spoken, breathy language which shares a similar grammar with the other elemental languages. It is primarily spoken by those of the Elemental Plane of Air[1]


Celestial is spoken by all good-aligned races of the Outer Sphere. It shares aspects of its structure with both Sylvan and Draconic.[1]


The language of the Elemental Plane of Fire, Ignan is a quick, percussive language, said to emulate the popping of a fire.[1]


Spoken predominantly in Hell and by those who traffic with it, Infernal is a concise language which requires great precision in the speaking. It contains many homophones in its vocabulary, leading to great confusion among novice speakers, as similar-sounding words can have widely varying meaning.[1]


Like the other elemental languages, Terran sentences always begin with the subject, followed by the object and the verb. It is an extremely slow language and not meant to be rushed.[1] It is primarily spoken by those of the Elemental Plane of Earth.

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