The small, self-sufficient domain of Lambreth rose from the union of three rival merchant families, the Cullertons, the Angelidis, and the Vizcarra, who founded the city-states Maashinelle, Lockridge, and Sezgin, respectively. Fearing annexation from their neighbors, the families negotiated a union, ruling as the Triunes of Lambreth.[1] Throughout the River Kingdoms, Lambreth suffers the least from bandit attacks. Newcomers and troublemakers quickly draw the attention of the Black Eagles.[2]


Lord Kamdyn Arnefax rules Lambreth as a merciless dictator. The Black Eagles, feared horsemen resembling dark versions of Andoran's Eagle Knights, act as the local militia, protecting the citizens, collecting taxes, and enforcing Lord Arnefax's rule. In addition, each village has its own council, led by an elected mayor, who makes requests and complaints to Lord Arnefax, although most are wary to do so.[3]

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