The largest of the features that make up the Northern Cascade Lake Vorn is a freshwater lake nestled high up in the mountains of the Brazen Peaks. The lake is fed by snow melt from the surrounding peaks, excess water flows down the Viper's Tongue into Lake Fors below. Thanks to the waterfall known as Viper's Tongue, its high altitude and remote location very few boats ever navigate Lake Vorn's surface, this is not helped by rumors of the feared Vorndra. The Vorndra is a legendary lake monster that supposedly haunts Lake Vorn's depths. The description of the Vorndra range from serpentine and draconic (possibly describing aquatic menaces like the sea serpent or the gandareva) to tentacled and beaked (more resembling sea monsters like the kraken or devilfish). Skeptics claim there is no way a large creature could dwell in Lake Vorn as it is too small and there is now way for it to leave the lake. Some who have ventured to the remote lake have found crude altars and horrid offerings around the lake's edge and real or not the Vorndra definitely has something that worships it.[1]